“Ms. O’Donnell inspires me to use my mind in a way that can benefit me academically and socially. She makes me feel and believe that I can become whoever I want.”
Kiersten, age 15

“Sami comes home everyday talking about what she did in [Ms. O’Donnell’s] class or what lesson she learned…[Ms. O’Donnell] works diligently to make sure [her] students are prepared… I am a very thankful parent!”
Molly, Parent

“Ms. O’Donnell believes in her students and helps them to love learning. Over the last two years she has given so much to my son, from the love of English, culture, and history, to empowering him to be more and believe in himself. Over the last few weeks, he’s come home to tell us how much he loves going to tutoring and how he will make Ms. O’Donnell proud of him. We are so blessed to have [her] in his life.”
Deana, Parent

“It is only with Ms. O’Donnell’s guidance that I have been able to work through several of my traumas and belief systems. I cannot thank her enough for helping me to expand my mind and for teaching me the importance of spirituality within and without in modern society.”
Domenico, Age 18

“Ms. O’Donnell is awesome because she has the ability and the level of comfort to just talk to us about things our parents don’t. Her class has been great because it’s allowed me to be introspective and let go of some things I didn’t want to see before.”
Manushka, Age 18

“Attending Ms. O’Donnell’s discussions really made me think deeply…I gained so much knowledge there. I am thankful that she taught me how to do Cornell notes, because now I use them for all of my classes every day. She is a great teacher!”
Shaina, Age 15

“Ms. O’Donnell challenges my daughter. She is spending a lot of time at home studying and preparing for class. It is nice to see her working so hard.”
Leslie, Parent

“This semester I have enrolled in the class 'Writing in the Health Professions' at University of Florida. Going into the course I was very worried if I was going to be able to meet the demands that the professor was laying out for students. Today, after weeks of reading and writing an incessant amount of outlines and analyses…my teacher called me to her desk…and asked if it was okay if my paper was used as an example, as it was one of few perfect scores between her two classes. I'm writing you to send an overwhelming THANK YOU for the writing skills you have instilled in me.”
Andrew, Age 19



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