Frequently Asked Questions


When do the group sessions begin?
SAT and ACT coaching sessions occur two months prior to the student’s desired testing date. Click here for current schedule.

Where does the group meet?
These sessions are based in Florida in Lee and Collier County.

How often does the group meet?
The group meets weekly, over seven consecutive sessions.

How large are the groups?
Learners meet the College Coach in small groups of two to four for two hours at a time.

What is addressed in the coaching?
During the meetings, the College Coach demonstrates proven strategies for test taking success. Test takers learn to predict problem formats, answer with confidence using proven strategies, troubleshoot wrong answers, and use simpler methods to cut down on answer times and errors.

Do students take a practice test?
In week six, the College Coach grades a full test for each student and creates a personalized packet of review materials tailored to that student’s needs. In week eight, students who have followed the College Coach’s success protocol1, take the test and increase their scores, on average, 220 points



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