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Teaching since 2003, Carolyn O'Donnell creates programs for both adults and students, so that they too can realize their own infinitely powerful potential and access the courage to move forward.

Living up to her own dreams, she writes poems, publishes essays, and travels frequently. Carolyn was a Foundation for Lee County Schools 2015 Golden Apple Finalist and has been nominated for Lee County Teacher of the Year several times.

Courage Consortium 1: Write a Polished Collegiate Essay
Join a weekend workshop to learn simple, effective writing practices necessary for college essays and the work world! The College Coach’s argumentative writing protocol supports learners in their college application essays, on standardized tests, in resume writing, and in the academic classroom. Workshops occur over three sessions of four hours each.

We focus on:  
    ● T
he college application essay.
    ● Argumentative nonfiction essays used in Social Science and Science courses.
    ● Argumentative English literature essays.

By the time a session is complete, students have stronger grasps on written voice, MLA and APA styles, research practices, essay organization, and argumentative reasoning. The College Coach’s workshops aid students of all ages, from high school to graduate level studies.

Courage Consortium 2: Pinpoint Your College and Career Path
This day long workshop focuses on innovative careers that will be significant in the next two decades; prospective undergraduates dream their careers into reality. The College Coach encourages students to apply for majors at institutions where their interests, personalities, goals, and long term growth will be supported.

During the workshop, they:
    Research institutions of higher learning.
    ● Peruse the college application process.
    ● Debunk myths about higher education.
    ● Consider real life scenarios, such as financial and time investments, that may occur after graduation
    ● Create short and long term goals.
    ● Visualize their future career with clarity.

Carolyn is located in Bonita Springs, Florida and serves SW Florida.


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