About Carolyn O'Donnell

Carolyn O'Donnell creates programs and lesson plans for children and adults that are designed to empower them to realize their own infinite potential and access the courage and confidence to move forward in life.

Carolyn, as a professionally certified Florida English and Social Science educator, has been working with students to create educational success since 2002. Carolyn is not only a teacher; she is also a perpetual student, who sought out her own teachers to learn self-reflection practices that helped give her the courage to live a more impassioned, conscious life.

Carolyn graduated at the top of her high school class with SAT scores in the 95% national percentile. After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in 2002, she began coaching undergraduate and graduate students in test taking strategies and found her passion.

Living up to her own dreams, she writes poetry, publishes essays, and travels frequently, having visited over 30 countries. Carolyn was a Foundation for Lee County Schools 2015 Golden Apple Finalist, has been nominated for Lee County Teacher of the Year several times, and presented a TEDx at Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 entitled "The Postmodern Philosopher."

MISSION: To empower learners of all ages through combining experience, knowledge, and self-reflection.

PHILOSOPHY: All people have the ability to learn, change, and grow. The desire to do so requires intention, patience, fortitude, and a great teacher.



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